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Additional Options

Social Share Buttons

Social Networks

The first thing you have to do in this section is to choose from the list social networks that would like to display. With drag and drop rearrange them to complete the order you prefer them to appear.

More button function

If you tick off More Button on social networks list you will receive button with plus on it at your buttons on posts/pages. All networks marked as active located after More Button will appear on your screen when click on + button. This function provides great variety of social networks without any “crowd” effect.

  • Display all active networks after more button – click on +button will appear the extra social networks at same row or column (depends on custom template). Example: Mashable styledemo of more button
  • Display all social networks as pop up – click on +button will appear all social networks after more button in the list below in pop up window. There is no matter if they are marked with thick.
  • Display only active networks as pop up – click on +button will appear in pop up window only marked networks after more button in the list below.

Buttons Align

Choose how buttons to be align – leftrightcenter


Full width share buttons – to arrange buttons according to website post content area (grid) tick off this option

IMPORTANT If you have activated a lot of social networks the buttons will try to fit in the hover and they will lap over one other. Also individual share counts will not display correctly with this option activated.

Full width share buttons width correction (number) – type a number from 1 to 100 to correct width of the buttons so they can fit in the content area. More buttons available require small number. There is no ready formula to work here. Play with numbers to find the right one.

Full width share buttons width correction mobile (number) – same as option above but dedicated for mobile.

Max width of buttons in full width display mode – here can be set custom with for buttons to be displayed to ensure enough empty space for total counter or custom share message. For example if the empty content area is 100 you can set 90 in this field and you can activate total counter without any display issues.

Twitter Additional Options

Twitter share short url – this will make Twitter shared link shorter. it’s recommended to activate this option because Twitter has symbol limitation when share link.
If you have activated global option for share short url skip short url section.


Please note that if you have start sharing your full address this will reset counters to zero because address will be different than address you have already used.

Short URL service

If you have activated Twitter share short url, choose one of the following short url services:

  • wp_get_shortlink – build in WordPress function for getting short links;
  • – this is Google service for getting short addresses;
  • – require valid username and API key (API key is located in your profile of

Twitter username to be mentioned – fill the name that wish to be mentioned when tweet. Enter the username without @. This text will be appended to tweet message at the end.
IMPORTANT Please note that if you activate custom share address option this will be added to custom share message.

Add Twitter username to buffer shares – this option will add Twitter username into Buffer shares.

Twitter hashtags to be added – if you wish hashtags to be mention in tweet you can add them here, if more than one separate with comma.

Don’t use popup window for Tweeter Share – if you have another instance of twitter tweet button on your site this may cause to display it twice or reload page without opening tweet window. Activate this option to fix this issue.

Make Twitter always count full post/page address when using shorurl – if you have switched on short url when starting work with Easy Social Share Buttons but you want to restore the Twitter count number when sharing with full address, turn on this option.

Pinterest Additional Options

Disable Pinterest sniff for images – this option will disable Pinterest sniff for images on your site and featured post/page image will be used for default sharing

Facebook Additional Options

Use Facebook Advanced Sharing – According to latest changes of Facebook API previous existing methods for custom sharing with options are removed. To customize your share message you can do this with current page Open Graph tags or by activating Use Facebook Advanced Sharing. Facebook Advanced Sharing requires to have created Facebook Application which is used for sharing the message. After creating it you need to write Application ID in Facebook Application ID field.

Facebook Application ID – is needed to be activated when you use custom share message. Applications are specific for current site so if you don’t have application for current site go to and create a new one.

Display Facebook Total Count – this option will include in total count number all Facebook activities – likes, shares, comments.

Flattr Additional Options

Flattr Username – your username at Flattr

Additional Flattr tags for your posts – you can add Flattr tags here

Default category for your posts – choose default category for your posts

Default language for your posts – choose default language from the list

StumpleUpon Additional Options

Do not generate shortlinks – mark to turn off the shortlinks. It’s recommended to activate this if you use StumbleUpon. This network do not accept shortlinks.

Print additional options

User service instead of default print function – if you activate this option your site will be print optimized. When you print content it will be well formatted to fit at print area.


WhatsApp share short url  – it’s user friendly to have shorter address so it’s recommended to activate this option