Demo – Vertical Template


Import/Export Settings

Import/Export configuration

Configuration String – if you press the Backup button you will get in the field the settings, you have made till now at he ESSB. At the same field you can paste settings that are ready. The most common situation this feature is useful is to get the button settings you have done at your developer site version and paste it at your official one. This option gives the opportunity to try with different settings, to test the way of work and when the desired visual and functional display is reached to copy/paste settings as data base code from one WordPress installation to another.

Import ready made configuration

Available configurations – at this section there are list of ready made configurations. With one click on the name of the particular configuration you can make it available on your site. You can check the display look and functionality for each configuration on Easy Social Share Buttons demo site.
IMPORTANT!     Please note that if you click on one of the configuration this will automatically make all the settings necessary to display the buttons the way that this configuration style provide. That mean that all the settings done till now will be cleared!