Demo – Vertical Template

Button Position: Share buttons bottom

Advanced Display Settings by Button Position

Activate custom button position settings – tick off this option to allow customizing the button’s display depends on its possition

Button Position: Bottom of content

Display only those buttons for this button position – choose from the list the buttons that you wish to appear only for Bottom of content buttons

Template – choose from the list template available only for Bottom of content buttons

Full width share buttons – choose whether to activate full width for Bottom of content buttons.
IMPORTANT!    Activating this option will make your buttons to take all the width of your working window. The width of buttons depends on their count – when you have a few buttons width will be greater than when you have more active buttons.

Full width share buttons width correction – write number between 1 and 100 in percents to correct the width of the button itself. For example if the buttons displayed are more and are too close each other write here small percentage number (50) to make them smaller and fit in the window width. And the opposite, if the buttons are fewer and the space between them is big, fill in here number close to 100. This will make them locate closer each other.

Hide Network Names – choose if the network names to be hidden or not

Counters Position – choose from the list where the counters to be located

Total Counter Position – choose position for the total counter

Rename displayed texts for network names – use this option to customize the text for every button that will appear instead of the network name. You can use this to translate network names on your language.

For all other button positions Top of contentFloat from contentWindow sidebarPopupLike buttons top, Share buttons bottomShare buttons top, Like buttons bottomPost vertical float barContent Inline and Flyin Panel the buttons can be set with exactly the same options.