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Image Share

Social Image Share

Activate share of images over Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – this option will allow to get share buttons when hover on images. Template of the buttons is not the same as your set one buttons theme. There is only one template on Social Image Share and it looks like this:


Twitter handle to be provided – write here your Twitter username without @ in front and when share on Twitter your post will end with via @your username

Image selector – in this field you can add your CSS class to customize on which images to get the buttons over.

  • .essbis-hover-container img – this CSS class is set to be default and makes buttons to appear on page/post images only
  • .essbis_site img – this CSS will make the buttons appear on all images on your site – even in the sidebar, header, footer or other visual elements of your site that you which to be shareable.
    In some WP themes featured image is displayed before the post content and this CSS is necessary to be added to make feature image share work proper.
  • In this field you can add any other CSS class to customize image share as you want

Minimum image height – set the minimum image height here. Images under this height won’t have share buttons when hover

Minimum image width – set the minimum image width here. Images under this width won’t have share buttons when hover

Button position – choose from the select menu position for share buttons when hoover

Show on home page – tick off to activate Social Image Share for images on your homepage. If this option isn’t activated you won’t have share buttons when hover on homepage by default

Show on single post – tick off to activate Social Image Share for posts

Show on single page – tick off to activate Social Image Share for pages

Show on blog page – tick off to activate Social Image Share for blog pages