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hide network names on mobile

Network Names

Display Options

Hide Social Network Names – choose yes if you want social network names to be hidden. This will display only social network icon by default and network name will appear when you hover button as it is shown at the picture under the option.

Always hide network names on mobile – this option will hide network names when mobile device is detected and only social icons will be displayed.

Don’t show network names when hide social network names is activated – this option will disable network name pop out when you activate Hide Social Network Names and only button with icon will be displayed.
IMPORTANT!     This option is activated by default on mobile devices and can’t be turned off. 

Don’t show network icons – This option will display only network name inside button without icon.
IMPORTANT!     This option must not be used with hidden network names or counter position inside as the button will have no proper display.

Social Network Names Replace

Social Network Names – in the field in front of every social network you can write custom text that will appear instead of network names inside buttons.


Mobile Display Options

Change default display method for mobile – choose from the list another display method of buttons which will be applied when page/post is viewed from mobile device.

Mobile sidebar position – when you set sidebar as display method for mobile you can choose top or bottom position for it

Hide buttons for low resolution mobile devices – this option will hide buttons when viewed from low resolution mobile device

Hide buttons for all mobile devices – this option will always hide buttons when viewed from any mobile device

Deactivate additional display methods on mobile – this option will deactivate display as popup or sidebar as another display method when viewed on mobile device

Deactivate native social buttons on mobile – this option will deactivate automatic render of native like, follow and subscribe buttons when viewed from mobile devices. We recommend activating this option to make page load faster and lighter when viewed from mobile device. Native buttons included with shortcode will be rendered even if this option is active

Do not apply mobile settings for tablets – with activating this option You will avoid mobile rules for settings for tablet devices

Advanced Display Settings For Mobile Devices

Activate custom button settings – thick off to activate possibility to customize the button settings for mobile devises

Mobile Device

Display only those buttons for this button position – mark with thick the networks that you wish to appear only for this button position. If network is selected this will overwrite default selected networks and display only selected here.

Template – choose from the list template that will be active only for mobile devices

Full width share buttons – choose if the buttons for mobile devices will be full width or not. There is also possibility to keep the value you have already set at your mail display method

Full width share buttons width correction – write here value to correct the width of the buttons for mobile devices (only number without px)

Hide Network Names – choose whether hide network names for mobiles or not. You can also keep your main setting made for this feature active for mobile devices too

Counters Position – choose from the list position for the counters if they are activated

Total Counter Position – choose from the list position for the total counter if it is activated

Rename displayed texts for network names – you can customize the text for every social network on mobile devices only from here. It’s possible to use any language