Demo – Vertical Template


Administrative Options

Disable menu in WordPress admin bar – this option will hide the plugin’s menu from the WordPress bar at the upper side of the screen

Move plugin options under settings menu – this option will locate plugin’s menu at Settings section on your WordPress admin panel

Turn off Easy Social Share Buttons Advanced settings – tick off to disable Advanced settings. These are the settings visible under every post on Edit Post Page. They are used for customization share information

I am using Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast – tick off if you use Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast on your current WordPress installation

Avoid <!–nextpage–> and always share main post address – if you activate this option always will be shared the first page of the posts with more than one pages. If you do not tick this option off will be shared the page from where the button for social sharing is pressed from the user

Clean buttons from excerpts – activate this option to avoid buttons included in excerpts as text FacebookTwiiter and so

Clean buttons method – when activate Clean buttons from excerpts option choose clean method for cleaning the excerpts. There is no universal cleaning method it depends on the WordPress theme which of them will be proper for you

  • Clean network texts – (works in most of the cases) – this option will clean the name of the social networks
  • Remove entire action – this method removes entirely the buttons when excerpt are set up. Sometimes this method hide the buttons from the pages too. So try first with the other method and only if it do not work for you mark this one 

Force get of current post/page – activate this option if you have troubles with page URL that plugin gets

Change default priority of buttons – provide custom value of priority when buttons will be included in content (default is 10). This will make code of plugin to execute before or after another plugin. IMPORTANT!     Providing incorrect value may cause buttons not to display

Force share of post/page address with query parameters – activate this option if you use query string parameters with your url and what plugin to share full url with them (not only permalink)

Fix counter problem with limited cURL configuration – activate this option if have troubles displaying counters for networks that does not have native access to counter API (ex: Google). To make it work you also need to activate in Display Settings -> Counters to load with WordPress admin ajax function.

Do not load FontAwsome – Activate this option if you site already uses FontAwsome font

Turn off build in modules

You can turn off build in modules that you do not use. This will make plugin to work faster. You can turn back on modules at any time.

Turn off Social Fans Counter – if you do not use Fans counter anywhere on your site you can turn this module off. This will make the plugin works a little bit faster

Turn off Love This – if you do not use Love This  button anywhere on your site you can turn this module off. This will make the plugin works a little bit faster

Reset configuration to default values

Press I want to reset configuration to default plugin values button if you want to clear all the settings you have made
IMPORTANT!     Pressing this button will restore initial plugin configuration values and all settings that you apply after plugin activation will be removed