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Total share counter with shortcode

Shortcode Generator [ easy-total-share ] Shortcode

If you need do get shortcode which to display only total count number without any buttons, press on the third shordcode button


 [ easy-total-share ] Shortcode

Message before the total counter – write here a text that will display before the number of shares. For example: Shares or Total.

Custom URL to extract total counter for – if you want the total counter to show the shares for some other page than this where it is displayed, paste here the URL of the other page.

Align – choose were to locate the total counter number at your site – left, right or center.

Text for shares after the number – write here a text that will display after the number of shares. For example: Shares or Total.

Display full number (not short syntax) – tick off if you wish your total counter to display the full syntax number.

Select Social Networks – choose the networks witch shares you wish to include in your total share number.

When you press Generate Shortcode you will get tree codes that will look something like that:


1. The first code will help you to display total share number anywhere on your site. Implement the shortcode with copy/paste at the Edit Post Page of the page where you would like to display the total counter with this shortcode.

2. The second code will help you to add the shortcode at your WordPress theme. Insert this code into the template where you wish the total counter to be displayed. The most common situation that this code is used is at any kind of article lists.

3. The last code $url = get_permalink($post->ID); will help you to make your total counter refer for each particular article, when this articles are part of some kind of list – for example Most popular.

How to use 3. code?

Get your second code (2.) and paste url=”‘.$url.'” before the last square bracket ( ). If we use the example from the picture, your code should look something like this:Screenshot_15

Then paste your 3. $url = get_permalink($post->ID); code at the row before. Your final code should be on two row and look like this:


Insert this code into the template, where you wish the the total counter to be displayed.