Demo – Vertical Template

Twitter Cards

Social Share Optimization (SSO)

Default share image – paste here address of a image that want to be used when the post doesn’t have featured image or any other custom setting for share image. It’s recommended this image to be upload on site where share will be done, otherwise it’s possible this image do not appear in share dialogue.

Extract full content when generating description – When you use any plugin or shortcode for content building – for example Visual Composer or Drop cap, these plugins leave traces at the code. And if you want to clear the content from any extra code, activate this option.

Facebook Open Graph

Automatically generate and insert open graph meta tags for post/pages – will insert at your website data base meta tags. These are specific types of information about your social sharing which gives you the opportunity to optimize and control the process of sharing information. Otherwise social networks will take content as they decide to.

IMPORTANT     If you use any other plugin which activated meta tags on your website do not turn on this option. More than once activated tags has the same effect as they aren’t activated at all.
Other plugins with meta tags are: SEO plugins, social media optimization plugins.

Facebook Page URL – paste here the Facebook page url that you want to connect with the website

Facebook Admins – this will connect website with particular account at Facebook that guarantee uniqueness of shared content.
IMPORTANT     It’s necessary to paste personal account ID. Enter your Facebook profile page, look at the address bar you will see something like The numbers at the end at the address are your ID.

Facebook Application ID – this is necessary to activate Facebook Insights. You can find your Application ID at Under each aplication you have created you can find App ID.

Twitter Cards

Automatically generate and insert Twitter Cards meta tags for post/pages – this option will allow to customize tweet information. Under every tweet it will be displayed predefined description and image. It require Twitter verification before start working.
IMPORTANT     At Twitter there is no default tweet description. If you want the have any description activate Twitter Cards meta tags.

Twitter Site Username – tape here your Twitter username without @ in front of it. This username will be added at the end of the description.

Default Twitter Card type – choose the type of your customized description:

  • Summary – only text at the description;
  • Summary with image – both text and image at the description.


Google Authorship is no longer supported. To improve search results Google now use Rich snippets. At upcoming update the latest G+ changes will be included.