Demo – Vertical Template



Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes equipped with 19 different themes. At this section have to be chosen default theme that will be used. Please choose from the list the template you would like to use.
For every single post/page can be set custom theme in its settings box (see on post/page settings).

Activate animations

  • Smooth colors – makes the color comes lightly when hoover the button;
  • Pop up – makes the button jump up when hoover on it;
  • Zoom out – makes the button bigger and appear infront of all other;
  • Flip – makes the button spin fast.
Use minified CSS files
Use minified JS files

These two options improve website’s loading speed. It’s recommended to switch them on.
BUT if you use any cache plugin, there is no need to activate them. The cache plugin is enough.

Load scripts in head element

This option is made specially for W3 Total Cache. If you use this plugin, it’s recommended to activate it to prevent issues with counters. This feature is related with data base loading, when W3 Total Cache is used.

I am using URL addresses with non latin chars (beta)

This option is designed for websites with non Latin letters in domain name or url address. It refers mainly to Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic.
INPORTANT   Activate this option ONLY if you have any problem with social sharing. Do not take this as a default option.