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Customize E-mail Message

Customize E-mail Message section will help you to customize text displayed when visitors share your content by mail button.

Disable editing of mail message – activate this option to prevent users from changing the default message

Send to mail button function – choose from the list how mail button to operate:

  • Send mail using popup form – the information from the form will be sent through the WordPress server
  • Send mail using mailto link and user mail client – the mail will be sent through the mail program you are using (for example Thunderbird, Outlook for Windows or Postbox, Unibox for Mac)

Message subject – write here the subject of the mail message. Paste your site URL between the signs for percentage as it’s shown by default in the field – this will make it display as link.

Message body – write custom mail message text.
IMPORTANT     Do not make any changes at this part of the text – %%title%% and %%permalink%%. It is set automatically to get the title and the address of the page from which the user send the mail message. If you want to add the featured image to the mail message add this %%image%% in the field.
If you do not want to have title, permalink or image at the mail message just remove the code for the current element – %%title%%, %%permalink%%, %%image%%

Send copy of all messages to – if you want to get copies for all messages sent from the site, paste here mail, where you will get it. If you do not paste mail here, there won’t be sent any copies of mails


Localize Mail Form – here you can translate at your language the text for every field in the message form

Activate AntiSpam captcha verification

Captcha Message (recommended) – enter captcha question you wish to ask users to validate that they are human

Captcha Answer (recommended) – enter answer you wish users to put to verify them

IMPORTANT!     If these two fields are nod filled in, the captcha verification won’t be activated

Send mail settings

Use wpMandrill for send mail – To be able to send messages with wpMandrill you need to have plugin installed.