Demo – Vertical Template

customize network names

Network Names

Display Options

Hide Social Network Names – choose yes if you want social network names to be hidden. This will display only social network icon by default and network name will appear when you hover button as it is shown at the picture under the option.

Always hide network names on mobile – this option will hide network names when mobile device is detected and only social icons will be displayed.

Don’t show network names when hide social network names is activated – this option will disable network name pop out when you activate Hide Social Network Names and only button with icon will be displayed.
IMPORTANT!     This option is activated by default on mobile devices and can’t be turned off. 

Don’t show network icons – This option will display only network name inside button without icon.
IMPORTANT!     This option must not be used with hidden network names or counter position inside as the button will have no proper display.

Social Network Names Replace

Social Network Names – in the field in front of every social network you can write custom text that will appear instead of network names inside buttons.