Demo – Vertical Template

offset from content

Post Vertical Float Sidebar Settings

Horizontal offset from content – if the default offset value do not fit with the your page content and overlap it, you can correct this from here. Negative number will move the Post Vertical Float Sidebar on the left. Positive numbers will move the sidebar on the right.

Vertical offset from content start – with this option you can move the Float Sidebar up or down depends on your page layout. With this setting you can locate Float Sidebar exactly at the same line as the content starts.

Fixed top position of float bar – this option will help you when you use any specific theme features as too big header or slider at the beginning of the page. In this cases there is possibility the buttons to lap over this elements if Vertical offset from content start is activated. Use Fixed top position of float bar to set offset from the upper side of the window. The buttons will display at this point initially for all pages on the website.

Display after percent of content is passed – write here after what percent of content viewed the Float Sidebar to display