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Social Share Analytics

Click Log and Statistics

Activate Statistics – activate this option to see detailed information about your users activity. You can access this information from plugins menu Click Statistics


Google Analytics Tracking

Activate Google Analytics Tracking – this option allows to keep an eye on social share statistic on Google Analytics – how many times every button is clicked on every page.

IMPORTANT     To work this option requires Google Analytics to be active on this site

Google Analytics Tracking Method

  • Simple – gives track clicks only by social networks, no matter where the buttons are located on the website;
  • Extended – gives track clicks for every single activated social network by button position. You can examine users behaviour on sidebar followers widget, particular article, post, page.

Add Custom Campaign parameters to your URLs – helps to inspect the effectiveness on social networks of every campaign. If you want to know how many times every share from any campaign is reached on Facebook for example, it’s necessary to fill in here your custom campaign parameters. Look here how to generate them.